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Our Team

Rick Flynn

Meet Rich and Rick

This story begins when Rick was doing independent documentary work on refugees in Iran and Turkey, while Rich was working in production studios and ad agencies in NYC.  When we met on a video shoot in Brooklyn, we realized the power in leveraging our varying backgrounds and experiences.  It wasn't before long that the people who hire us could see the unique storytelling our hybrid perspective brings to the table.

230804 BTS Quilt - 61.JPG

We've continued to blur the line between cinema and marcom, as movie magic has gone mainstream in the business world. Can you blame them?

Along with our talented team, we produce impactful, memorable, thought-provoking narrative projects at varying scales. 

Rich Adler
National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce Logo

As an LGBTQ+ certified business with the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, we believe in maintaining an environment of respect, tolerance, growth, and positivity for all members of our team, and our clients.  

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