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We are a diverse team of Empaths, Filmmakers, Documentarians, Problem Solvers, Virtuosos, Storytellers, Freethinkers, and Doers.

Rick Flynn

Co-founders and long-time collaborators Rich Adler and Rick Flynn (R&R) created Rich Media Play to bring narrative storytelling to businesses.

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When not working with our awesome clients, Rick plugs away at his feature film Golf Alpha Yankee, a documentary about LGBT refugees in the Middle East who are seeking asylum with the UNHCR due to fears of government prosecution. Rich moonlights as the Communications Director for the New York Gay Football League, the NY chapter of the NGFFL, an athletic organization that promotes inclusivity, enrichment, and community nationwide.

Rich Adler

We have an incredible, talented and diverse team of editors, camera operators, producers, audio engineers, lighting experts and colorists. They are what propels us and our clients forward. 

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RMP is a certified LGBTQ+ business, and member of the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

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