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We were the kids who colored outside the lines. We are free-thinkers and doers and spend an inordinate amount of time deliberating what is best for our clients, and are relentless about their success.

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Hearts & Minds



RMP Ethos






Marketing Videos

We are guided by the belief that relatable stories create a memory and a connection. 

RMP Products

We bring everything to the table,

every time.

RMP Standards






This is a template-free zone. Our work is customized for each project. We'll never send you to the prom in the same dress as Jessica. 

We leverage the newest of tech in production and post-production. Efficient and smart workflows are our thing. 

When we commit to deadlines, we keep them. We create and stick to detailed scheduled for each client and follow them through.

We dedicate painstaking energy and time to make sure our outputs are of the RMP standard. 

RMP is a 24/7 operation. We always have someone ready to keep the assembly line moving. Speed up the belt!  

You've got to like the people you will be working with. More often than not, our clients become our friends.  Happy hour? 

Clients Across the Spectrum  

Let every story you tell be memorable.  

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Ryan Tirre, Briarcliffe Credit Partners

"Having worked with the RMP team for several years on both video and podcast production, I have been consistently impressed with their creativity, counsel, and responsiveness. Their keen attention to detail combined with an understanding of internal hurdles has led me to trust them implicitly."

heather teicher_edited.jpg

Heather Teicher, Rescale

"I count on vendors who are true partners. They understand the vision, what we are trying to accomplish, and the importance of speaking directly to our audienceThey're focused on building relationships and trust - and they've earned mine"

Samantha Young_edited.jpg

Samantha Young, Morgan Stanley

"Rich, Rick and the whole team at RMP are wonderful to work with. Consummate professionals, they will go above and beyond to ensure a quality product for their clients, no matter how big or small the ask. You’ll find no shortage of talent or humor when working with this team!"

Earned Relationships

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