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prebiotics with Dr. Amy Shah

LAUNCH: January 2020

While producing video content, my team and I have been on the inside of many organizations from mom & pop shops on Main Street to fortune 500 companies on Wall Street. But never have we witnessed a company as true to it's brand than Tom's of Maine. While recording footage in their factory in Maine, we saw first hand how serious their employees take their commitment to being a zero waste factory. Everything gets used and virtually nothing goes to waste. Even toothpaste byproduct is organic, so it's able to be used as compost on land near the factory. As we were about to enter the factory, our guide assured us that the mandatory ear plugs and shoe covers would be sterilized and reused. As if we had any doubt they would! 

This video with Dr. Amy Shah was an amazing experience. With NYC based director Amanda Rodriguez at the creative helm, we worked with a mix of NYC and local Arizona and LA crew to tell our story in a succinct, aesthetic and bold way, but still adhering to the earthy and organic Tom's brand. Furthermore, getting to work with a practicing Doctor gave the video a huge degree of credibility, which only served to strengthen the final product (and spin offs for various platforms).  

Toms 3