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  • Contextual Pioneers 

Have you ever discussed a subject with a friend or colleague, and then later that day found an ad for that exact thing in your news feed? This is targeted advertising that uses your cookies and data to serve eerily accurate paid content.  Many people are concerned about this and rightfully so,  which is what explains our client GumGum's increasing importance in the digital advertising world. They are all about "cookie-less advertising," which is a thing! Needless to say, we dig it! 

We worked with the team at GumGum to create an experience, rather than just another company releasing videos of customers singing their praise. Being 2021 and post-pandemic, we knew that people are inundated with the standard 2-3 minute customer case study format, so we teamed up with Wistia and aimed for a bolder,  interactive experience.  The challenge of course, being that this was mid-COVID19 pandemic, so we designed a shippable production package and interviewed consumers remotely about the state of advertising and the importance of conceptual vs. targeted.  Ultimately, our collaboration with the talented communication and design team at GumGum yielded content for vast use across their social media channels and website, as well as at live events and interactive experiences. As we intended it to be, the result is a bold collection of clickable videos that are organized by value prop rather than customer.  


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