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Project 04: Activism & Nonprofit


When the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic hit NYC, most people adjusted to social distancing by ordering Pelotons, figuring out how work from home in 500 square feet, and perfecting the art of television binging. Most people, except for Brian Schwartz. When Brian saw people in need within his own community, he traded in his 9-5 corporate job for a lawnmower and began tending to the lawns his neighbors who had fallen on hard times, free of charge. What Brian had not anticipated was the flurry of volunteers all over the country who wanted to get involved, and before long, Brian realized he had started a movement. When connected with Brian and told him that we wanted to help with the best lawn care tools at our disposal...our cameras.

Soon enough we were trailing Brian and his team on the job and what resulted was a short video that got picked up by major networks across the world, publishers and influential figures like Sharon Stone. When the Drew Barrymore team caught wind of an Upworthy feature on Brian, he was immediately booked as a guest on the Drew Barrymore Show, where he accepted a sizable donation from Drew personally.   

Activism and Nonprofit

Activism and Nonprofit

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