CNX / Conde Nast

PGA / Ally Challenge 

Fall 2018

This wasn't any ordinary golf tournament. The PGA Ally Challenge was the first time the PGA tour has taken place in Grand Blanc, Michigan in decades. The event was the cherry on top of a major revitalization of the Greater Detroit area, as the city rebuilds and businesses slowly return to the area.

Getting an opportunity to work with and interview both golf pro's as well as locals underscored the significance of this tournament. For a region that has been through so much, from industries and populations fleeing over the years, to issues with clean water and crime, Detroit has turned over a new leaf and its hardly recognizable from my last time shooting there just two years before. People were excited, music stars were excited to perform (Big and Rich!), and world-renown golf pros were eager to share in the festivities. 

One of the most fun parts of this project for CNX (Conde Nast) was getting to take super slow motion footage (120 / 240 FPS) of Mark O'Meara swinging. As well, stellar drone (and ground) photography with well known Detroit photographer Nadir Ali. 


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