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Any content that involves helping people that comes across our desks invariably follows an immediate YES. We like working with businesses that are doing good things in the world, and developing treatments that will hopefully improve lives. At the below linked image, you’ll find a ’19 project we completed with a phase 3 clinical-stage pharmaceutical company which is developing and commercializing therapeutics to treat inflammatory and fibrotic diseases. In other words, helping people with rare diseases which there is no cure yet. 

Spring 2019

Johnson & Johnson



11   /   06   /   2018

Caring Crowd is a new way of funding projects that have the potential to transform lives and help people in underserved communities globally. 

Through a platform platform that helps turn caring into action, the program has the tools, resources and reach fundraisers need to attract new donors and raise money for credible projects. 

Sponsored by Johnson & Johnson,CaringCrowd is distinguished from other fundraising platforms by the fee-free model, specific focus and panel of experts from around the world that independently review every CaringCrowd project plan.