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Virtual Recitals


When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the normal school year was abruptly put on hold for millions of children in the US and worldwide. From home, some aspects of education was able to resume virtually but performing arts are different. Theatre clubs that had been rehearsing all year for their spring play, recitals, orchestral performances and choirs suddenly seemed impossible. 

When we teamed up with the Norwalk Public School district Arts Department, we discussed the task at hand - giving these students an opportunity to perform their talent. And while the solution to produce virtual recitals seemed viable, its something that hadn't been done yet with children as young as 10. 

To execute this concept with success, it took a lot of planning and collaborating with dozens of teachers in this district. We developed an understanding of the restrictions (equipment) and realistically what we could expect. 

When we finally received hundreds of video files for over 17 recitals, we were amazed at the capacity for these young performers to adapt to this new way of performing, and do an amazing job at it.