We believe in supporting good causes and initiatives that help others, engage communities and build people up. This is a small collection of volunteer projects we've taken on to get the word out, fundraise, create a buzz and encourage others to get involved. 


Brian Schwartz's

I WAnt To Mow Your Lawn

LAUNCH: November 2020

My former colleague Brian Schwartz had an even tougher 2020 than most: he lost his job due to the pandemic, had a newborn at home, and his father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Many of us (myself included) might have just curled up under the covers and not come out until 2021. Not Brian...he grabbed his lawn mower and started tending to his neighbor's yards for free. This soon turned into a nonprofit dedicated to providing free lawn care for senior citizens, veterans and disabled nationwide. I know theres a lot of stories like this online, and we've all grown a bit cynical as to what is real and what is click bait. But I can assure you, this is the real deal.​ 

In October 2020 we teamed up with Brian to help tell his story. Here is what we came up with.

Valerie David in

The Pink Hulk

The Pink Hulk is a powerful piece of theatre centered around one woman's journey to finding the superhero within. 

Written and performed by Valerie David, rarely does performance art strike such a poignant chord for so many people. In the play that has toured internationally, Valerie opens up about her experience as a three time cancer survivor. 

By producing both a full length recordings of multiple shows, as well as short form excerpts for social media and a press stringouts, Valerie was able to extend her reach even further. This helped her in booking tv appearances, events, medical journals and expanding her social media following, which brought more seats into her existing shows and booked new ones. 


Theatre In Our Schools Month Feat.

Kevin Kline and Kelli O'hara

Theatre In Our Schools (TIOS) is a celebration of theatre in our schools and schools in our theatres. Sponsored by the American Alliance for Theatre & Education (AATE) and the Educational Theatre Association (EdTA), the goals of TIOS are to raise public awareness of the impact of theatre education and draw attention to the need for more access to quality programs in and out of school for all students. While TIOS presentations and advocacy may happen anytime in schools, theatres, and other public spaces, AATE and EdTA will recognize and promote March as the official Theatre In Our Schools month.

LAUNCH: November 2020


Gartner & Habitat for Humanity

I always associated habitat for humanity with developing regions of the world but what they actually do is so much more. the keys to these homes are not just handed over These homes are not just handed over cart blanche to people in need.

Aspiring home-owners have to undergo an application process, prove employment and ability to pay the low-interest mortgage based on a slightly lower than market price. 

The impact on the neighborhood of building two well-kept homes is huge and inspires neighbors to tend to their own homes and add value to an entire community.

LAUNCH: November 2020