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Series: 'Asking for a Friend'
Publication: the Skimm


The RMP NYC team's recent collab with theSkimm tells the story of former Bachelor Contestant and renown opera singer Sharleen Joynt's gorgeous home reno that actually stayed within budget thanks to AMEX's 'Pay Over Time' feature.


Shot in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, we worked diligently to provide a seamless experience for our on-screen talent as well as the client and sponsor brand. From COVID-19 testing to set design, a meticulous post-production plan and clear roadmap for our client, we reached the finish line on time. And just like our video's star Sharleen, we stayed on budget.  

This project's sponsor was American Express and was part of the 'Pay Over Time' campaign.


Branded Content clients / campaigns

  • The Skimm / American Express

  • Burson Cohn Wolfe / Tom's of Maine

  • Publicis / IKEA

  • Conde Nast /ID-CON

  • Conde Nast/ Ally Bank

  • DDB / AT&T Womens National Soccer

  • DDB / US Mens National Soccer

  • Grey Global / Canon

  • Grey Global / Marriott

  • DDB / Papa Johns

  • Rabin Martin / Janssen Global Public Health